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Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks.
Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks.

A Game of Thrones™ Catan Brotherhood of the watch™

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$134.99 CAD

The Brotherhood of the Night's Watch recognize you as a natural leader. You oversee the day-to-day duties of a small cadre of brothers. You must ensure that the defenses of the wall are properly manned. By insuring a steady supply of resources from your small settlements and keeps in the Gift, you help maintain the Night's Watch. By assigning brethren as Wall guards, you insure that the Wildlings cannot invade the Gift.

But Beware! Wildlings apper in greater numbers. They muster, always seeking to breach the Wall. Can you guards stay them? Can they resist the giants among these hordes? Do Your job well. Protect the Gift. Become the new Lord Commander.

Game Contents:

  • 124 player piece: Each player has: 5 settlements. 4 keeps. 7guards. 14 roads. 1 build cost card
  • 40 Wildling Pieces: 24 regular. 8 climbers. 8 giants. plus 57 Wildling tokens
  • 131 cards: 95 resource cardds. 25 development cards. 11 hero cards
  • 1 games board: 6 frame parts. 21 terrain tiles. 22 number of tokens. 5 trade routes
  • Plus: 2 six-sided dice. 1 twelve-sided die. 4 large plastic wall sections. 2 card trays. 1 special number token. 1 basic rules booklet. 1 rules reference book. and more!
  • ages 14+
  • Time 60-90mins
  • Players 3-4