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Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks.
Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks.

Car Seat Covers - Stellar Wonderland: The Lobster Nebula

$88.99 USD
Color: Black

Transform your car's interior into a celestial sanctuary with this pair of car seat covers featuring a mesmerizing depiction of the Lobster Nebula. With their vibrant colours and cosmic allure, these seat covers not only protect your seats but also transport you to the depths of the universe, adding a touch of awe-inspiring beauty to your daily drive.

Made with top-tier, thick polyester fabric for long-lasting durability.  These seat covers come with an elastic fastening system that delivers a secure, snug fit that is tool-free and easy to install. Both covers feature identical designs.

.: High-quality thick polyester fabric
.: One set contains TWO seat covers
.: Quick and easy installation
.: Black back cover
.: Identical designs printed on both covers
.: These car seat covers should NOT be used on a seat with side airbags

  48.03" × 18.50"
Seat width, in 18.50
Seat length, in 18.50
Backrest width, in 18.50
Backrest length, in 29.53

Fun Fact: Cataloged as NGC 6357, the Lobster Nebula is a diffuse nebula near NGC 6334 in the constellation Scorpius.  It houses the open star cluster Pismis 24 near its center -- a home to unusually bright and massive stars. This nebula contains many proto-stars shielded by dark discs of gas, and young stars wrapped in expanding "cocoons" or expanding gases surrounding these small stars.  The overall blue glow near the inner star-forming region results from the emission of ionized hydrogen gas.