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Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks. Special shipping rates for Solar Eclipse Glasses.
Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks. Special shipping rates for Solar Eclipse Glasses.

Sea Sparkle (Noctiluca Scintillans) GIANTmicrobe Plush

$15.99 CAD

Noctiluca causes bioluminescence in the ocean. Light up your life (or somebody else's) with our little Sea Sparkle GIANTmicrobe plush!

All About Sea Sparkle (Noctiluca): These minuscule dinoflagellates populate the ocean in vast numbers, drifting beneath the waves. When disturbed, they illuminate, creating stunning flashes of light. This luminous phenomenon is known as "bioluminescence," typically casting a mesmerizing greenish or blue hue as these colors propagate effectively through water.

Bioluminescent Wonder: You can evoke Noctiluca's luminance by swirling your hands or feet in the water. During a night dive, the fins of a SCUBA diver can leave behind a spectacular trail of underwater fireworks! Even the wake of a boat often glows, providing a magical spectacle. (Legend has it that ancient Polynesian navigators utilized signals from bioluminescent plankton to pinpoint and navigate around islands.)

Mysterious Glow: But why do Noctiluca sparkle? The exact reason remains a mystery. It could be related to hunting or communication. Some speculate it startles predators, while others believe it attracts larger predators that may turn Noctiluca into prey. Alternatively, the shimmering lights might be used to bewitch Noctiluca's own prey. Or perhaps, it's just Nature's way of bidding them good night.

Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials and stuffed with soft polyester fiber fill, our Sea Sparkle GIANTmicrobe plush is both cuddly and informative. Surface washable for easy cleaning, it serves as a tangible reminder of the beauty of bioluminescence.

Packaging: Each plush microbe includes a printed card featuring fun, educational, and fascinating facts about Noctiluca, enhancing the learning experience for enthusiasts of all ages.

Safety: Compliant with U.S. and European safety standards, our products are suitable for ages 3 and up.

Sizes: GIANTmicrobes are meticulously crafted to be one million times larger than the actual microbes, cells, organisms, and critters they represent!

  • Gigantic (GG): 16-24"
  • XL (XL): 10-15"
  • Original (PD): 5-8"
  • Keychain (KC): 2-4" with clip

Illuminate your world with the enchanting Sea Sparkle (Noctiluca Scintillans) GIANTmicrobe plush today!  Perfect for ocean lovers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone captivated by the wonders of bioluminescence.