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Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks.
Spend $175 or more and get a free pack (10-pc pack) of disposable face masks.

Vikings Puzzle Game

$27.99 USD

Product Description:

Viking ships are trapped in a gigantic hurricane at sea.  Can you help to navigate these ships out of the storm…Top of Form

Viking is an orginal puzzle game where the ships move in a very special way, by rotating them.  Only a brave Viking with keen insight will be smart enough to escape the whirlpools.  Go with the flow!

Vikings Puzzle Game is a puzzle game that gets your mind working in a variety of new and exciting ways.  It's so engaging that once you start playing, it can be very hard to stop.  One or more ships with different colored sails are placed on a playing board that contains 9 rotating puzzle pieces.  The placement and orientation of those ships and pieces are dictated by a challenge the player has chosen from a booklet.  The goal is to then move the ships from their starting points to the designated end points. Features 60 challenges, from easy to very difficult

Product Features:

  • Simple rules
  • 4 levels
  • 60 Challenges
  • Easy to expert
  • Develops logic thinking skills, strategic planning and visual & sptial perception


  • Game board
  • 4 Ships
  • 9 Rotating puzzle pieces
  • Booklet with 60 challenges and solutions

Ages 6 - 99 | Players 1+